About Me


I grew up in British Columbia, in the provincial capital of Victoria. I worked in media for years, as a researcher and associate producer for many independent production companies, as an actor and as a reporter for CBC Radio Vancouver. One thing I found practicing journalism was it was rare to get out of the news room when reporting about issues in communities around British Columbia. Now I get to know those ¬†communities by riding to them on my motorcycle, talking to locals directly and getting to know my home province the way I’d like to.

My two books Nearly 40 on the 37: triumph and trepidation on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway and Zero Avenue to Peace Park: confidence and collapse on the 49th parallel and my travel writing for a wide variety of motorcycle magazines including Canadian Biker, Motorcycle Mojo, RidersWest and others, allow me to explore my home province and get to know it in the ideal way: via the motorcycle.

I live in Vancouver with my wife and sons. But when I ride my motorcycle, I try to get out of town.