Nearly 40 on the 37 (ISBN 978-0-9918590-0-9)

In August 2012, I rode north into, what was for me, the unknown.

The Stewart-Cassiar Highway became a motorcycle journey I would never forget into a part of British Columbia seldom written about and along a road often blasted through to get somewhere else. I found Highway 37 to be fascinating in its own right, wrote an article for Canadian Biker about my exploration of the communities, places and people I found along the way and found there to be so much more to describe.

So I wrote a book.

During the writing of the article and book I kept in touch with one of my heroes, anthropologist Wade Davis. We had an email correspondence in which he agreed to read my book. He then wrote a wonderful statement about the book itself, part of which I’m proud to have included on the front cover. That part of northern British Columbia is truly a “wonder of land unlike any other, the most stunningly beautiful place in Canada.”


Zero Avenue to Peace Park  (ISBN 978-0-9918590-3-0)


Two years after the Stewart-Cassiar adventure, I came up with an idea while riding along a remarkably straight ribbon of road that travels along the 49th Parallel, thirty kilometres east from its starting point in White Rock, British Columbia and mere feet from the border with the United States of America. What would I discover for myself if I rode my Kawasaki KLR650 close to the border, continuing east? Would I learn more about why that border is where it is in the first place and how it shaped the province I call home? Would I learn more about how Canada and the United States have learned to live as neighbours?

Serendipity had me riding with a friend from Colorado that I had met while traveling north along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, Wes Taylor, and we would also talk about our nations and our experiences growing up with our own nationalities. As we adventured on our KLR650s through the ghost towns and small communities of the Kootenay region of British Columbia and further, we would together discover more about the province of B.C., about our countries and ourselves and our need for adventure.


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