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As a writer, I welcome feedback. Whether it’s praise or criticism, advice or suggestion, I need it.  It’s the only way to get better at what I do. But the most rewarding feedback of all is when someone understands what it is that I write about.  They get it. It means I’m doing my job.

When staff writer Marcus Martellacci wrote his recent review of Zero Avenue to Peace Park in the September/October issue of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine I was flattered and pleased.

I felt rewarded.

Writing a book as a self-publishing author and seeing it produced takes me two years, from the journey preparation, research, note-taking, photograph-taking, more research, writing, editor-searching, editing, layout, design and printing. It’s a process I enjoy, although it does contain some anxiety. When someone gets it, I can’t help but have a smile on my face. It was all worth it.

“His honest and endearing writing style…”

“His passion for motorcycling is combined with a deep respect for the history behind the places he visits…”

“The author puts aside ego and image, giving us an uncut, dropped-my-bike-before-I-even-started account.”

I respect the road. I respect the places I travel through. I think the motorcycle is the ideal way to experience these places. It puts me in contact with it all, from the elements to shaking people’s hands to all the sensory information I need to be in contact with it all. Conveying that in my writing isn’t easy, but I’m glad it’s coming across in the pages of Zero Avenue to Peace Park.

To have a reviewer read my work and pick up on why I write (and write a positive review) is very fulfilling. I’m not going to rest on my laurels though. Now that I know that I’m communicating my stories well, I’m going to improve on it. I’m building up to working on book #3. The feedback I get will go into my future work.

Thanks to Marcus Martellacci for taking the time to give my second book such a thorough read. And thanks to Motorcycle Mojo for since thinking my book good enough to grace their online shop catalogue.

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Author: Trevor Marc Hughes

Trevor Marc Hughes is an author and travel writer. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife and two sons. He rides a Kawasaki KLR650 motorcycle. If he can help it, he doesn't ride his motorcycle in Vancouver; he takes it out of town, where he enjoys exploring the province of B.C. and beyond, and writing about his adventures. He has written for magazines such as Canadian Biker, Rider, Motorcycle Mojo, Inside Motorcycles, and RidersWest. His two books are "Nearly 40 on the 37: Triumph and Trepidation on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway" and "Zero Avenue to Peace Park: Confidence and Collapse on the 49th Parallel".